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Staff Profiles

Bill Tomcich - President
In Aspen Snowmass Since:1995
Favorite Summer Activity:Competitive Golf
Favorite Winter Activity:Downhill Ski Racing
Favorite Restaurant:Usually the last one I've visited in town
Favorite Ski Run:Racer's Edge at Buttermilk (The Tiehack Downhill)
Favorite Event:World Cup
Favorite Hang Out:In the bar with friends following an awesome ski race or a great golf competition.
Favorite Quote:"If you work hard you deserve to play hard!"


John G. Rupinski - Vice President of Finance & Administration
JRIn Aspen Snowmass Since:1973
Favorite Summer Activity:Dirt Bike riding and Water-Skiing
Favorite Winter Activity:Snow Skiing
Favorite Ski Run:Aspen Mountain top to bottom
Favorite Event:Winter X Games
Favorite Quote:"let's Ride"


Derek Hanrahan - Director of Technology & Business Development
In Aspen Snowmass Since:2006
Favorite Summer Activity:Rock Climbing
Favorite Winter Activity:Skiing (of course!)
Favorite Restaurant:Whichever one is currently having Happy Hour
Favorite Ski Run:Anything with lots o’ trees
Favorite Event:Winter X Games


Lise Adams - Director of Operations & Accounting
Lise AdamsIn Aspen Snowmass Since:2000
Favorite Summer Activity:Sailing on Ruedi
Favorite Winter Activity:Skiing
Favorite Restaurant:Jimmy's
Favorite Ski Run:Sheer Bliss on Snowmass Mountain
Favorite Event:Food & Wine Classic in Aspen
Favorite Hang Out:At home with the family
Favorite Quote:"What comes around goes around."


Leslie Shacklette - General Manager Resort Travel
Leslie ShackletteIn Aspen Snowmass Since:1993
Favorite Summer Activity:Hiking
Favorite Winter Activity:Showshoeing
Favorite Restaurant:Redstone Inn
Favorite Event:Food and Wine Classic in Aspen
Favorite Quote:"To see what is right, and not do it, is want of courage, or of principle" - Confucius



Jill Midthun - e-Commerce & Marketing Director
Jill MidthunIn Aspen Snowmass Since:1995
Favorite Summer Activity:Hiking
Favorite Winter Activity:Tele Skiing
Favorite Restaurant:Campo and The Big Wrap
Favorite Ski Run:The BOWL!!
Favorite Event:Food & Wine Classic in Aspen by far.


Trisha Roberts - Director of Reservation Sales
TrishIn Aspen Snowmass Since:1994
Favorite Summer Activity:Mountain biking with my husband, steve
Favorite Winter Activity:Snowboarding & improving my telemark skiing abilities
Favorite Restaurant:Matsuhisa
Favorite Ski Run:All of Highland's Bowl
Favorite Event:Food & Wine Classic in Aspen
Favorite Hang Out:Little Annie's & outdoor patio's that serve cocktails
Favorite Quote:"People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone." - Audrey Hepburn


Keith Turner - Technology
KeithIn Aspen Snowmass Since:Lives in Nevada
Favorite Summer Activity:Hiking
Favorite Winter Activity:World Traveling
Favorite Restaurant:Mezzaluna
Favorite Hang Out:Sundeck
Favorite Quote:"You live and learn. Or you don't live long."
- Excerpt from the notebooks of Lazarus Long,
from Robert Heinlein's "Time Enough for Love"


Pam - Local Vacation Expert
In Aspen Snowmass Since:1994
Favorite Summer Activity:Biking and attending concerts
Favorite Winter Activity:Skiing and attending concerts
Favorite Restaurant:Any restaurant with a patio and a good happy hour
Favorite Ski Run:My favorite run is the run that I just skied.
Favorite Event:Mammoth Fest
Favorite Hang Out:Any place with live music and a cold beverage
Favorite Quote:“Doh!”


Michelle Smithson - Local Vacation Expert
Michelle SmithsonIn Aspen Snowmass Since:1996
Favorite Summer Activity:Traveling, Hanging out with my children, Summer Concerts
Favorite Winter Activity:Snowboarding, Cooking, Reading, Traveling
Favorite Restaurant:Matsuhisa, Cache Cache, Campo
Favorite Ski Run:Highlands
Favorite Event:Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Jazz Aspen Snowmass Labor Day Festival
Favorite Hang Out:Anywhere along the river or within the mountains
Favorite Quote:"Hit me with music."


Monica Cortes - International Sales Manager
In Aspen Snowmass Since:2006
Favorite Summer Activity:Tennis, Hiking, fun at the park.
Favorite Winter Activity:Skiing, sledding, Yoga at the top of Ajax.
Favorite Restaurant:Jimmy’s, Steak House No. 316, Matsuhisa
Favorite Ski Run:Can’t name one… My favorite Mountain is Aspen Highlands
Favorite Event:Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Aspen Ideas Festival, Aspen Music Festival
Favorite Hang Out:A restaurant’s patio in summer and Cloud Nine in Winter
Favorite Quote:“Be the change you want to see in the world” –Mahatma Gandhi


Chris Martinez - Local Vacation Expert
Chris MartinezIn Aspen Snowmass since:1993
Favorite Summer Activity:Tubing in the Colorado river, Rafting
Favorite Winter Activity:Snowboarding and Snow Shoeing
Favorite Restaurant:Any where the local's hang out
Favorite Event:Baseball opening day
Favorite Hang Out:With my kid at swimming pool w a Pizza
Favorite Quote:"Collect memories not things"


Kellee Anderson - Travel Consultant
Kellee AndersonIn Aspen Snowmass since:2002
Favorite Summer Activity:Hiking and Saturday farmers market
Favorite Winter Activity:Cross Country Skiing
Favorite Restaurant:Brexi Brasserie
Favorite Event:Aspen LAFF Festival


Elizabeth Stewart - Local Vacation Specialist
Elizabeth StewartIn Aspen Snowmass since:1992
Favorite Summer Activity:Rafting, Hiking, Biking
Favorite Winter Activity:Cross Country Skiing & Sledding
Favorite Restaurant:SUSHI!! Matsuhisa, Kenichi & Takah Sushi
Favorite Event:Food & Wine Classic in AspenESPN Winter X Games
Favorite Quote:"The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday"
Favorite Hang Out:The Library at The Hotel Jerome, the actual library, and anywhere the sun is!


Jim Reed - Travel Manager
Jim ReedYears in Aspen Snowmass:12
Favorite Summer Activity:Boating
Favorite Winter Activity:Boating
Favorite Restaurant:Wild Fig
Favorite Event:ESPN Winter X Games
Favorite Quote:"The least said, the least mended"