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Summer Hiking in Aspen: A Selection of Aspen's Best Hiking Trails


The Best Hiking Trails in Aspen Snowmass

Now about two weeks into the beautiful summer season in Aspen Snowmass, hiking in Aspen is one the choice activities for visitors and locals. With sunny days, perfect temperatures, and wildflowers in every imaginable color, hiking in Aspen is an opportunity to take pleasure in the outdoors, take in breathtaking mountain views and colorful wildflowers, and enjoy some fun exercise in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Some of the most popular Aspen Snowmass hiking trails include the Maroon Bells Lake Trail, Crater Lake, Aspen Mountain summer trails, and Hunter Creek.

Maroon Bells & Surrounding Trails

When visiting Aspen Snowmass, a sight that must be seen is of the Maroon Bells, two 14,000 foot peaks that rise above and reflect onto a deep blue alpine lake, Maroon Lake. Hiking in Aspen at the Maroon Bells is a truly unforgettable experience.The Maroon Lake Trail is a short and flat trail that winds around the alpine lake, affording great views of the Maroon Bells, Pyramid Peak, and surrounding mountains. Hikers have spotted numerous wildlife around the lake, including moose and beavers. With the addition of wildflowers, the Maroon Lake Trail is truly idyllic, and is also a great place for a mountain picnic.

For those looking for more adventure, hikers can continue past Maroon Lake to Crater Lake, another 3.6 miles up the trail. Though smaller than Maroon Lake, Crater Lake is situated closer to the Maroon Bells, and provides hikers with the chance to get a more up close and personal look at these majestic peaks.

Hiking on Aspen Mountain

During the summertime, travel on Aspen Mountain goes in reverse, with outdoor enthusiasts hiking up the mountain rather than zipping down on skis. The Summer Road Trail is the easiest of the Aspen Mountain trails, though calling it easy is somewhat misleading, since hikers still gain approximately 3,000 feet over 5 miles while making the trek to the top of Aspen Mountain. If that sounds easy, more experienced hikers can take the Ute Trail to Ute Rock, climbing 700 feet in under one mile, and then continue on that trail to the top of Aspen Mountain, another 2,300 feet. Once at the top, hikers can enjoy the view of Aspen Highlands, grab a bite to eat at the Sundeck Restaurant, and rest up for the hike back down. Though, one of the benefits for tired hikers at the top of Aspen Mountain is the opportunity to take the Silver Queen Gondola back down to the base of the mountain.

Hunter Creek Hiking

A popular Aspen hiking trail, the Hunter Creek Trail follows Hunter Creek up to Hunter Valley. The first section of the trail is moderately steep, and is approximately 1.5 miles. The next section of the trail in Hunter Valley is much flatter, and is perfect for an alpine picnic in a wide open mountain meadow. Smuggler Mountain is also a popular hiking trail that connects into Hunter Creek. Whether you're looking to get in some serious miles or simply start your day with a beautiful view of town, here is the full scoop on Smuggler Mountain Trail

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