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How to Prepare for High Altitude Travel

High Altitude Travel

How to Avoid Altitude Sickness in Aspen Snowmass

If you are heading to Aspen Snowmass and want to avoid altitude sickness, we recommend you learn how to prepare for high altitude travel. Not preparing properly increases your risk of getting altitude sickness and suffering from headaches, nausea, fatigue, lethargy and restless sleep. Although it usually subsides within a couple of days once treated, losing precious vacation days in Aspen Snowmass should be avoided at all costs. 
Acute Mountain sickness a.k.a. altitude sickness starts affecting people traveling from lower elevations once they ascend higher than 8,000’ above sea level. The town of Aspen sits at 8,000’ above sea level, Snowmass Village at 8,209’, views of the Maroon Bells at 9,580’ and the Sundeck on top of Aspen Mountain at 11,212’. Follow these tips and ascend to higher altitudes without having to worry about falling ill. 

Stay Hydrated

Pack your water bottle and use it! The best way to prevent altitude sickness is by staying well hydrated. Unfortunately, traveling is known for being a particularly dehydrating activity. Make sure you stay hydrated from the time you leave your house all the way to the end of your Aspen Snowmass vacation. 

Avoid Drinking Alcohol During Travel

Alcohol not only dehydrates your body, it also impairs its ability to fight jet lag. We recommend not drinking it on your flight and during the first day of your trip. This will help your body stay hydrated and acclimatize to the higher elevation. 

Stay Low for a Day

When you arrive in Aspen, there’s a good chance you will want to go play outside at higher elevations right away. We recommend exercising some patience and spending your first day on vacation drinking lots of water and letting your body acclimatize. Once you have a solid acclimatization day under your belt, have at it! From exploring our plethora of dining options to strolling around town and shopping, there are plenty of things to around Aspen Snowmass while you give yourself a day to acclimatize. 

Locate Supplemental Oxygen Upon Arrival

There are lots of stores and hotels around Aspen Snowmass that sell canned oxygen. Many people swear by its ability to help ease some of the more uncomfortable symptoms that come along with altitude sickness. Knowing exactly where you can pick up a bottle will help you speed up how quickly you can address those symptoms. 

Pack Pain Relievers

Having a small bottle of an over-the-counter pain reliever like aspirin on-hand can be a lifesaver if you start getting the throbbing headaches often associated with altitude sickness. Make sure you pack one. 
Follow these tips and hopefully, you will never have to know what altitude sickness feels like! 
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