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Aspen Institute Upcoming events July August 2010

Aspen and Snowmass are unique for the variety and quality of events offered in the Rocky Mountains. Combine that with last minute lodging specials in Aspen and Snowmass and there is nothing like the value that our unique resort offers visitors.

Monday, July 26 Waste Land
NEW VIEWS: Premiere Documentaries Presented with Aspen Film
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Summer Has Arrived In Aspen Snowmass

With the flowers in bloom, the birds chirping and Sunshine after a fresh rain, the Summer in the Roaring Fork Valley has arrived. People say that folks move to the resort for the winter, but stay for the summer. There are lots of great opportunities for people to enjoy themselves every night of the week. Outdoor concerts, patio dining, hikes, whitewater rafting and beautiful scenery make up the experience of getting away to the mountains.
Make sure and check out the Best deals in Aspen Snowmass or plan your stay around events hosted here in Colorado's Rocky Mountains.
This weekend be sure to check out the
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Airlines Make Big Money With Baggage Fees

The airlines made our pretty well last year on fees associated with extra baggage. With reports suggesting that they made Billions of dollars on just fees associated with checked bags and that was just American and US Airways. Bloomberg News points out:
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Best New Chefs Event Now Open to the Public

The Food and Wine Festival in Aspen has recently released one of its most coveted events to the public: Best New Chefs. Now attendees to the event in Aspen have the opportunity to sample signature dishes from the 10 best acclaimed chefs from around the world. This also provides an opportunity for attendees to mingle, drink wine, and meet these chefs in person.
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Alternate Athlete Schiller takes X Games Men's slopestyle

TJ Schiller came to the Skiing Slopestyle Men's event as an alternate and left as the gold medal winner. He had a relatively basic combination of moves that were performed with steady skill and as the rest of the competitors struggled to complete the competition with changing snow conditions none could finish with a complete package good enough to unseat Schiller.

Schiller claimed the title on his first run that included a technically sound 270 on and off the rail, a switch 900, an alley-oop right 900 and a switch 1080.

"Last year I blew out my knee and it was a long road to recovery. To win the X Games is the ultimate comeback," the native of Vernon, BC, Canada said. "To come in as an alternate and to stand here as the winner is great, I am so stoked,"

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Women's Skier X R esults at Winter X Games

Marked by a photo finish. Two top women fought it out vigorously in the final stages of the race, but Ophelie David and Magdalena Jonsson were neck and neck heading into the final jump in the Skier X Women's final. As both landed, David squeezed ahead of Jonsson and captured her third-consecutive gold in the event.

David and Jonsson both started strong, with David controlling the early stages. Midway through the race, Jonsson pulled ahead until the final jump. That's when David took over.

"This was so amazing," David exclaimed. "I surprisingly caught some speed in those last turns. All I thought was I have got to pass and I have to pass now."

Slovakia's Sasa Farcic took the bronze.

Aspen Local Sam Ferguson Takes Silver in Monoskier X at ESPN X Games

Long time Aspen local pulls off a Silver in the finals for Monoskier X at the X games in Aspen. Sam is well known locally for his first decents in Highlands bowl and appearances with Warren Miller. This is his first medal in with Winter X Games.

[img_assist|nid=2818|title=Sam Ferguson monoskier X|desc=Credit: Craig Stein/Shazamm/ESPN Images|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=80]

Right from the beginning, it was clear the Mono Skier X title was going to be Tyler Walker's.

The New Hampshire native took the lead out of the gates and as his other competitors struggled, Walker pulled away to claim the gold.

Aspen Winter X Games Snocross Snomobile Race

Tucker Hibbert on his monster Arctic Cat sled DOMINATED all 20 laps of the snowcross....lapping several of the competitors.

Hibbert started fast and finished the same way, securing his third-consecutive gold medal in SnoCross winning by 36 seconds over Robbie Malinoski.

[img_assist|nid=2816|title=Tucker Hibbert XGames|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=66|height=100]

"I have good people," a victorious Hibbert said. "I have a good team and when you have that you get good results."

The win was his eighth Winter X Games medal, but Hibbert says the ultimate reward is seeing hard work pay off.

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Jenny Jones Takes Gold - Women's X Games Snowboard Slopestyle Results

A jubilant Jenny Jones could hardly believe what she had just accomplished in the Women's Snowboard Slopestyle.

The pride of Great Britain trailed Spencer O'Brien going into the final run and knew she had to do something big to steal the top spot. And Jones did just that, sticking a front-side 720 off the money booter final ramp to steal the victory and the gold medal from O'Brien 90.00 to 87.66.

[img_assist|nid=2814|title=Wome's X Games slopestyle Final|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=67|height=100]

"On my last run I knew what I had wasn't enough, so I had to lay down the 720," Jones said.

"Jenny rode super well," O'Brien said of the gold medalist. "I think we had a really good back and forth there with our final runs. She totally deserved it."

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Lindsey Jacobellis wins Gold in Women's Snowboarder X at Winter X Games 13

The morning snow gave way to some light rain showers Saturday afternoon making for a slow and slushy Snowboarder X track. But the conditions didn't seem to affect Lindsey Jacobellis, who won her second-consecutive gold medal in the event.

"This one feels great," Jacobellis said of her victory.

[img_assist|nid=2810|title=Credit: Eric Lars Bakke/Shazamm/ESPN Images|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=67]

Jacobellis surged ahead early and pulled away from the competition with a final time of 110.619. Helene Olafsen grabbed the silver with a time of 113.266 and Sandra Frei's 113.505 awarded her the bronze.

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